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Parent / Marriage / Life Coaching / Executive Coaching

Transform your life with professional coaching: empower your parenting skills, strengthen your marriage, embark on self-discovery, and achieve work-life balance!

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"Life doesn't have to be chaotic or stressful." 


Title of book Destressing the Stressed Out Family

Dollnita Winston

Certified Coach / Speaker / Author 

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Encouraging . Equipping . Enhancing Families.

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If you feel totally overwhelmed with the pressures of family life


If you and/or your family have poor communication skills


If you and your children have experienced a traumatic event


If you have a strong desire for personal growth and development


If you struggle to find balance between career and family life

Meet Dollnita, CEO 

Coach, Author, Speaker & Consultant
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As a Professional Coach, I have helped over 1000 adults by teaching life-changing strategies and effective tools to bring about positive change in their families.

It is my passion and life's purpose to empower individuals to transform their challenges of life into a journey of Self-Discovery.

In addition, I offer conference speaking, workshops, presentations, and coaching to top executives. My goal is to empower Corporations and Businesses committed to achieving for themselves and their employees work and family life “balance”.

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The Basics

Co-Parent Education Class
Court Approved

​In this virtual 4 hour class, you will learn...

  • Co-Parenting: Two Parents, Two Homes.

  • The effects of separation & divorce on children.

  • Effective techniques for handling conflict.

  • How to meet the developmental needs of your children.

The Foundations

Signature Parent Coaching
Co-Parent Coaching Programs

In this intensive 12-week programs, you will learn how to...

  • Develop a step by step action plan for your family.

  • Establish and maintain life goals.

  • Successfully identify stressors and build self-resilience.

  • Get back in control of your feelings and emotions.

The Essentials

Executive Coaching
and Training

In this program, you will...


  • Receive Professional Development and Training specific to organizational leaders and their teams.

  • Have the ability to enroll in the 12-week Family Life Coaching Program.

  • Receive tools and strategies for  balancing high-level leadership roles with family commitments.


Working with Mrs. Winston was unlike any experience I have ever had before. I truly felt empowered to take on the challenges of fatherhood and to build a genuine connection with my son during and after our training sessions. While feeling empowered during our sessions, I was also humbled, understanding how much I truly needed to learn. Not only did Mrs. Winston allow me to see the things I didn't know, she was able to educate me in those areas I fell short in, allowing me to become a better dad. I highly recommend taking one of her courses or programs.

-Donte B. 
1 child

I’ve enjoyed the parent coaching sessions with Dollnita these past couple of months. The strategies suggested by Coach Winston have helped me better manage the nuances of parenting a strong-willed child as he embarks upon his teenage years. Our discussions about developing a partnership with my son have been critical to building a more effective day-to-day working relationship.  It has been especially nice to consult with Coach Winston remotely about parenting issues I’m facing while adjusting to a new normal during this coronavirus pandemic. Coach Winston’s words of insight have been both encouraging and inspiring. 

-Becky W.
1 child 

Family Life Enhancement provided professional coaching services to our family through practical mentorship. Mrs. Winston used a foolproof approach while communicating with us to provide parenting information that was easy to understand. Thank you Family Life Enhancement for your support!

-Anthony & Tina P.
2 children

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9023 Forest Hill Avenue

*Bon Air, VA 23235

tel: (804) 238-9553

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