I coach parents on how to overcome conflict and experience a healthy co-parenting relationship

It's time to put disagreements, miscommunication and struggles aside to focus solely on your child's needs.


Even If You Are Co-Parenting With A Toxic Ex

If you are ready to get off the emotional rollercoaster and stop arguing about the small stuff then these 10 Secrets are for you!

Does this sound like you?

You are tired of going to court

Your family is constantly in your ear about how you should co-parent

You are ready to move forward to a more balanced life 

**How about I let you in on a little secret**

Even though your children are being raised in two separate homes, they can still receive stability, security, and the support they need.

Meet Dollnita

Certified Parent Coach & Educator


The BAsics

Co-Parenting: Two Parents, Two Homes | Virtual Class

This class is designed to assist parents who have been court ordered to take a Parent Seminar due to custody, visitation, and/or child support negotiations.

Let's go deeper

Co-Parenting Boot Camp | Group Program

This 4 - 8 week Boot Camp is designed to help Co-Parents who are experiencing moderate to extreme levels of conflict within their relationship.

6 Week Intensive

Parent Coaching 101

If you are serious about taking your parenting skills to the next level, this is for you! As your Coach, I will create a step-by-step action plan to address various challenges with raising children.


Meet Family Life Enhancement CEO

Dollnita Winston, MSW

8 years of Parent coaching, I have helped countless parents by sharing life-changing strategies and effective tools to bring about positive change in their families.

It is my passion and life's purpose to empower people to transform their challenges of life into a journey of healing.

Empowering . Encouraging . Equipping . Enhancing Families

Working with Mrs. Winston was unlike any experience I have ever had before. I truly felt empowered to take on the challenges of fatherhood and to build a genuine connection with my son during and after our training sessions. While feeling empowered during our sessions, I was also humbled, understanding how much I truly needed to learn. Not only did Mrs. Winston allow me to see the things I didn't know, she was able to educate me in those areas I fell short in, allowing me to become a better dad. I highly recommend taking one of her courses or programs.

- Donte B. 

1 child

I’ve enjoyed the parent coaching sessions with Dollnita these past couple of months. The strategies suggested by Coach Winston have helped me better manage the nuances of parenting a strong-willed child as he embarks upon his teenage years. Our discussions about developing a partnership with my son have been critical to building a more effective day-to-day working relationship.  It has been especially nice to consult with Coach Winston remotely about parenting issues I’m facing while adjusting to a new normal during this coronavirus pandemic. Coach Winston’s words of insight have been both encouraging and inspiring. 

-Becky W.

1 child 

Family Life Enhancement provided professional coaching services to our family through practical mentorship. Mrs. Winston used a foolproof approach while communicating with us to provide parenting information that was easy to understand. Thank you Family Life Enhancement for your support!

-Anthony & Tina P.

2 children