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​If you are a CEO, Manager, Entrepreneur, Organizational Leader, or Career Professional - then this is for you!

You and your team can gain the skills and confidence you need to maintain a healthy work-life balance!

* Learn how to manage stress and build resilience

*Establish self-care routines

*Strengthen family connections

*Find the million dollar relationship that will change your life

"Dollnita will inspire and engage your audience as she speaks passionately about the challenges of raising children while pursuing career goals and living a well-balanced life. I appreciate the relatable stories that Dollnita shares about her own life, as it has helped me to approach my life experiences with a fresh new perspective."  Mary Campbell

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Speaker * Author * Coach * Entrepreneur 

I have been the guest on NBC, as well as a number of podcasts, radio broadcasts, and social media platforms, presenting on topics such as; Balancing Work & Family Life, Managing Emotions, Women's Self Discovery, Stress Management, Parenting Challenges, and Navigating Grief and Loss.

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, achieving a healthy balance between professional responsibilities and personal life has become more and more challenging.


Of course, raising awareness of the magnitude of mental health and emotional challenges that families face today is essential.


Thus, conferences and professional development workshops focused on helping employees balance work and family life are crucial.

Because I also produce my own workshops and trainings, I know what's needed to be successful and the pitfalls to avoid.

​With all the demands of hosting an in-person conference or a virtual experience, I'm also confident you will need a speaker that is easy to work with.

​I'm now ready to answer three critical questions and demonstrate how I can help you for your future event.  First, I will position each question and then I will give you my answer.​

What Do I Believe?


Life is precious, and it's important to cherish every moment, nurture our relationships, and prioritize our well-being to make the most of the time we have.

"Live life, and don't allow life to live you".  -Dollnita Winston

"The Juggling Act"
How well do I remember the demands of family life; raising children, maintaining a household, career, and other life responsibilities, Whew, My Husband and I had our hands full!


What Is My Message?

Well, I remember several people asking me, Dollnita how do you do it all? I would just shake my head, take a deep breathe, and say, "I just do it." But secretly, I lacked the confidence and the skills to manage my work and family life. I not only doubted myself, I also parented out of a place of guilt.

Yes, we often find it challenging to deal with the demands of our jobs. Yes, we have career ambitions, goals, and aspirations. Yes! we find ourselves feeling guilty working long hours, trying to keep our heads above water. Yes, sometimes we need help, but we just don't know where to find it.

My husband and I would often feel we were being pulled in so many directions. Our jobs were important, being successful was constantly on our minds, spending time with our family was important to both of us, but raising healthy and well-adjusted kids was our primary responsibility.

My situation had to change.

So, I Developed A Three Step Formula For My Life, which has become one of my most popular speaking topics!

The ABC Stress Formula. . . .

First, I realized I had to start with simply having an "Awareness."
My aha moment came when I became more aware of the stress. Once I acknowledged my thoughts, I found it much easier to manage those stressful situations.

Secondly, I learned to "Breathe."
Wow! That sounds simple enough doesn't it?
My "jaw dropping" moment came when I learned as I felt stressed or felt anxious, my breathing became shallow. I began to manage my stress by implementing deep breathing exercises.

Thirdly, I had to implement "Care."
Self-Care that is! Although it's a simple concept, sadly, it is something we often overlook. 
My whole world changed when I started slowing down and carving out time for "me", without feeling guilty! 

This experience taught me a valuable lesson, oftentimes our passion will lead us to our goal and purpose in life.

Now I'm Known For my Expertise In Helping Career Professionals: Executives, Managers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. My passion is to Equip, Elevate, and Empower individuals! I love to share my passion with individuals who have a quest for life.

​That's why I believe it's my purpose to provide individuals with the necessary tools to have a successful and productive family life. This is my signature message I bring to organizations around the country. As a result, people are more confident and experience an overall satisfaction in their lives.

How Do I Engage My Audience? 

The answer to this question is critical because if the audience is not engaged then the message is NEVER heard. More importantly if the speaker is horrible, then naturally everyone turns to the person(s) that made the decision to bring that individual to the conference and people start saying what on earth were you thinking. 

My goal has been to learn what really works in front of a paying audience.  

A lot of years have passed and yes, I have some awesome speaking opportunities under my belt.

I know what it takes to move an audience. Communicating with an audience is a learned skill and I make sure I bring everything I know to the table to give your audience an uplifting, engaging and unforgettable experience. 

My presentations are totally engaging, informative, as well as interactive. For example, as I discuss the importance of living a balanced life, the audience is provided an activity called The Wheel Of Life, a highly effective tool to help individuals improve their overall life balance. 


Raising awareness of the significant mental health and emotional challenges that families face today is essential. Therefore, conferences and professional development workshops aimed at helping employees balance work and family life are crucial.

I strategically utilize my book and workbook, “Destressing the Stressed-Out Family” to deliver Signature Keynotes to educate and train individuals who are Employees, Executives, Business Leaders, Managers, and Business Owners to increase the effectiveness of their relational skills while meeting the demands of a busy career. 

*****************************************************************************Thank you for considering Dollnita Winston for your upcoming conference. To assist you in your efforts in organizing an Amazingly Successful Event, we've provided some items that will help you save time as you're planning your conference.

Please let us know if you would like us to send you:
      The Powerful Presentation Questionnaire that will include:
         *My Bio
         *My Introduction
         *The Program Requirements
When you complete this information, you will tell Dollnita everything she needs to know about your group. 

We can also do this as a LIVE teleconference. If you prefer to do a live call, we will need to schedule a time that works with everyone's schedule.

If you need additional materials, please do not hesitate to call us 804-687-9418 or send an email to; 
Thank you for your attention!

                                              Clients Include

Dollnita's Presentations are Empowering and Inspiring as she shares her Expertise on ​Work & Family Life, Stress Management, and Self-Discovery For Women
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Next Steps....

Since you made it to this point there is a good chance something caught your attention and you want more information about my availability and what is required for me to come to your event.   

So, here's what happens next. Lets schedule a telephone conversation about your conference or event.  

During this call I will answer any additional questions you have about how I might be able to help you. 
Naturally I will ask you some questions too. 

Based on what I do best if I don't think I'm a good fit for what you are doing I will let you know and make a couple of suggestions that could help you.

If I am a good fit and the date is available I will have a Success Blueprint  put together that outlines a few options including the investment. When we move forward with the event you will look like a genius for bringing me to the event.

Thanks for submitting!

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