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Need Parent Coaching?


Parent Coaching is an innovative approach that equips parents with:

Parent Coaching can be offered by online communications; Zoom, and Google Meet.

Parent Coaching Program

This program is 8 weeks in length and sessions are 1 hour per week. The coaching sessions are designed to help parents build cooperation, responsibility, and internal motivation in their children. Parents are equipped with tools, strategies, and techniques that will bring about real change in family life. In essence, parents will learn essential coaching strategies so they in turn, can coach their children.

Family Life Enhancement equips and supports parents with a step-by-step action plan to address specific challenges. Parent Coaching can help you take your parenting skills to the next level. 


If parenting has you feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, a coach can provide you with hope. Parents can also access the Parent Coach by phone if needed between sessions. An interactive workbook will be given to parents, along with a certificate upon completion of the program. This coaching program is for parents of infants, toddlers, school-age children, and teens.​

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Co-Parent Coaching Program

This program is 8 weeks in length and sessions are 1 hour per week. The Co-Parent Coaching Program provides instruction and coaching to co-parents, helping them to create a healthier partnership with each other and find more constructive ways to deal with their co-parenting challenges. Oftentimes, the conflict experienced in a marriage or a dating relationship only intensifies once the couple decides to divorce or break up. Therefore, it is imperative that co-parents learn how to recognize the drama and trauma of their past. Co-Parents will learn how to "emotionally disengage" from each other and be more emotionally "present" for their children.


If Co-Parenting has you feeling "stuck" and unable to move forward, this Co-Parent Coaching Program is for you! Co-Parenting doesn't have to be complicated, confusing, or chaotic. The Parent Coach will work with you to find new ways of dealing with difficulties in your co-parenting relationship; help you gain a greater understanding about the harmful impact of parental conflict can have on your child; and help you to better manage challenging situations with your Co-Parent.​​​ Parents will be provided an interactive workbook and receive a certificate upon completion of the program.


"Dollnita, my parent coach was extremely helpful in that I was able to load my tool belt with tools when correction and instruction is needed in my home. This has allowed my children and I to maintain a respectable relationship with each other! For that, I am grateful."

-Richara S. 

3 children

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A Word About Parenting

I work exclusively with parents who are passionate about raising responsible, cooperative, and motivated children!

My strategy of using a Heart-Based Approach, along with Conscious Discipline Training will help strengthen your relationship with your child and increase your effectiveness as a parent.


Experience the Amazing Results from Coaching!

  • Be a Confident parent!

  • Be an Intentional parent!

  • Be a Successful parent!​

  • Parenting is Serious Business!

  • Parenting is Rewarding!

  • Parenting is Challenging!

Sometimes you just need to have a good strategy.

Let's Go!

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