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Parent Coaching is an innovative approach that equips parents with:


Parent Coaching can be offered by phone, online communications such as; Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout.

Parent Coaching Program

The Parent Coaching Sessions are designed to help parents build cooperation, responsibility, and internal motivation in their children. Parents are equipped with tools, strategies, and techniques that will bring about real change in family life.

Family Life Enhancement equips and supports parents with a step-by-step action plan to address various challenges.


If parenting has you feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, a coach can provide you with Hope. Parent Coaching Services can be offered by Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, or by phone. Parent Coaching can help you take your parenting skills to the next level. Recommended length of Coaching is 6 to 8 weeks for significant changes to occur.

Coaching Topics Include:


​* The Importance of Daily Routines

* The Importance of an Instructions

* The Importance of a Correction 

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A Word About Parenting

I work exclusively with parents who are passionate about raising responsible, cooperative, and motivated children!

My strategy of using a Heart-Based Approach, along with Conscious Discipline Training will help strengthen your relationship with your child and increase your effectiveness as a parent.


Experience the Amazing Results from Coaching!

  • Be a Confident parent!

  • Be an Intentional parent!

  • Be a Successful parent!


  • Parenting is Serious Business!

  • Parenting is Rewarding!

  • Parenting is Challenging!

Sometimes you just need to have a good strategy.

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"Dollnita, my parent coach was extremely helpful in that I was able to load my tool belt with tools when correction and instruction is needed in my home. This has allowed my children and I to maintain a respectable relationship with each other! For that, I am grateful."


-Richara S. 

3 children

"My experience with Family Life Enhancement's Parent Coach, Dollnita Winston was an educational, comfortable, and trusting experience. I learned how to balance everyday challenges and how to be a good parent to my children. She is an awesome professional. Thank you for your knowledge and experience. God bless you."

Christopher W.

5 children