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I Was Born To Be A MOM |The Amazing Journey of Motherhood

Updated: May 30, 2020

From the day I brought all three of my babies home from the hospital, it became more and more evident that I was "Born to be a Mom". I quickly learned that my heart was bigger than I ever imagined! There were absolutely no limits to the enormous love that I had for my children.

I soon forgot about the hours and hours of labor pains. Life with children took on a whole new meaning.

Before I knew it, I was dealing with the 2:00 am feedings and the luxury of sleep seemed to fade into a vague memory. Somehow we survived the "terrible two's" and the roller coaster ride of Parenthood was in full swing.

I Was Born To Be A Mom

School Days

Suddenly, it was as if someone pushed the fast forward button and my babies were off to kindergarten.

How can I forget the elementary, middle, and high school years. All the packing school lunches, homework assignments, and special projects (that was always my husband's job). Of course there were the early Saturday morning practices, pick up and drop offs to games, my fair share of back to school nights, and PTA meetings.

No one told me that I would feel like the Energizer Bunny! It seemed like I was always running to keep up with the responsibilities of being a Mother. I cherish every second, after all, I was Born for this.

Give Me My Super Mom Cape!

I have always loved fashion,(that's code for I love to shop!) I've always focused on keeping my closet filled with the latest fashion trends. In hindsight, the only item missing from my closet was a Super Mom Cape!

The interesting thing about this whole scenario was, while I was raising 3 kids, I worked a full time job, and I was a Pastor's wife.

Wow, I remember people asking me, Doll how do you do it all? I would always shake my head, take a deep breathe, and say, "I just do it". I didn't have a profound statement, I didn't have a secret formula, in fact, I almost sounded like the Nike Commercial.

A Look Back

My husband and I were truly thankful to be parents and we took our roles seriously. I can't tell you how many times people would say to me, "enjoy your children now, because they grow up so fast." Guess what? They were exactly right!

Wow, every time I turn around, I'm saying those exact words to the parents I work with, "they grow up so fast!".

Now, as a parent of three young adults, I promise you, they get tired of me telling story after story about them as kids. Family trips, special activities, and adventures will always be etched in my mind. I have so many wonderful memories of our young family.

Yes, there's no doubt, "I was Born to be a Mom".

It's amazing how I sometimes think about my own mother. When my brother and I were growing up, it seemed like our mom never ran out of energy. My Mom was right there for all the homework assignments, the rides to the football games, the PTA Meetings, and the family road trips.

History really does repeat itself.

The amazing discovery I have made is, I was Born to be a Mom just like my Mom was born to be a Mom. One day, I hope my daughter will enjoy this same experience.

So my words of wisdom to you as a Mom; Smile, Breathe, Relax. Embrace the everyday joys, as well as the stressful times. Motherhood is indeed an Amazing Journey!

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