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My 6 "Absolutes" For Making Co-Parenting Work

So often, I see the everyday challenges that co-parents encounter as they raise their children between two homes.

I value my experience teaching Co-Parenting Classes for the last seven years. Along with presenting the curriculum, I have developed 6 Absolutes that I share with every co-parent. Those taking my class often laugh when I say, "these are my absolutes and I'm throwing them in for free!"

Absolute #1

"Let Go" of the Past ~ Whether you were the Leaver or the Leavee, you must process the ending of the relationship, grieve, and move forward. It is a process as you come to grips with your "new reality".

Absolute #2

"Be a Good Role Model" ~ Yes, that's right. Your children get their cues from you. They are watching Mommy and Daddy. By your actions, they are learning how to handle conflict, disappointment, and problem-solve.

Absolute #3

Co-Parenting is not a "Competitive Sport" ~ If you view Co-Parenting as a "competitive sport", your children will suffer. Recognize the danger of competing with the other parent. Your children should always be viewed as the "winners". Their winning status begins with you, the co-parent.

Absolute #4

Recognize the Power of Forgiveness ~ Forgiving yourself as well as your "ex" is crucial in the Co-Parenting experience.

Absolute #5

Communication between Co-Parents is important ~ Everyday your words, actions, and attitudes impact your children. ~ How are you communicating with your Co-Parent? Are you able to talk things out on a daily basis, or does every discussion turn into an argument?

Absolute #6

Co-Parenting is Certainly a Process ~ It requires "rolling up your sleeves and putting forth the effort" to make it work. After all, you are in this for the long haul. Your children are worth it. Your children will feel more secure when their parents are able to maintain a co-parenting partnership.

Now that is Next Level Co-Parenting!

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