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On The Road To Self-Discovery | The Importance of Loving Yourself

What a journey it is to discover the importance of loving yourself. How can we know who we are if we don't love ourselves? This discovery of self love can only be the launching pad to good emotional health. Too many times we tend to look externally for answers when it all starts inwardly.

On the journey of Self-Discovery, my life was transformed when I realized that I actually had to love myself. Many years ago as a new Christian, I remember the countless times I heard the phrase, "God loves you and so do I". I discovered that I often found it easier to tell others that God loves them, while struggling to believe the same statement for myself. Not only that, but I often wondered why it was easier to assure others that they were loved and worthy of happiness, while all along, doubting if I deserved happiness.

What Happens When We Don't Love Ourselves

  1. We look to others constantly to meet our needs and fulfill our expectations.

  2. Our minds become filled with negative self-talk.

  3. We are quick to feel guilt and shame.

  4. We have difficulty receiving compliments from others.

  5. We don't take proper care of ourselves, (eating, sleeping, exercise, & personal growth).

With these five thoughts in mind, I remember searching what I really thought about myself. I quickly determined that regardless of my imperfections, mistakes, and blunders. Wow, I discovered that I was worth my own time and investment. God made me unique and I was made in His image.

When I took some time to really think about love and how part of my self-concept was closely related to loving myself, I began to understand I was worth loving. One of the special things I found out about life is, as I became more mature, forgave myself for mistakes, and understood my value, I love Dollnita Winston.

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