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Self-Reflection | The Journey For Women

I'm Appealing To All Women!

Calling all women! I can't help it, I usually write my Blogs specifically for Mothers. But, the subject of Self-Reflection presents such a wonderful opportunity for all of us as women. I have learned that Self-Reflection can lead to personal development and this is certainly a life-long process. Sometimes, all we need is a gentle nudge in the right direction to begin this life-changing journey.

Yes, I'm appealing to all women! Whether you are a Mom or not, whether you are married or single, whether you are young, middle-age, or seasoned, I'm talking to you! Women, with clarity, I see the necessity for Self-Reflection!

"Self-Reflection requires transparency with one's own self and being totally honest with the woman in the mirror." Dollnita M. Winston, Self-Discovery Coach

Reflect With Purpose

The definition of reflection is, "serious thought or consideration".

As we begin such an important journey, it is certainly with purpose. To give serious thought to who you are requires an atmosphere for serious thinking. A pen, a journal and a quiet space are always helpful. Your inspiration can come from a variety of places; memories of your childhood, a specific event, an accomplishment, a success, a failure, a mistake, or even a proud moment. Just think about your life!

Yes, Think About It

The power of thinking is amazing! Of course, each and everyday, a million thoughts can easily run through our minds. But I'm talking about slowing down and doing real reflective thinking. Reflective thinking allows you to look at your feelings, thoughts, actions, decisions, and emotions. This is accomplished when you are intentional and purposeful.

Go Deep

Reflective thinking causes you to better understand yourself. So when you have more questions than answers, when you don't want to make the same mistake over and over, when you have a decision to make that no one can make for you, slow down, sip on a refreshing glass of lemonade and just think.

The Challenge Is On

So, I am inviting you to take the Self-Discovery Challenge with me! And yes, this challenge is literally Now. Our journey of Self-Reflection is a good starting point. May I suggest that in order for us to properly prepare for this journey, we do 4 things:

  1. Be aware of self-limiting thoughts

  2. Realize your words have power

  3. Be aware of distractions

  4. Be willing to accept your incredible self

Be Ready

I encourage you to embrace this Self-Reflection Journey because we are headed towards Discovery! As you reflect on your life, be ready to learn more about yourself. I encourage you to embrace the woman inside. Are you ready to accept this Self-Discovery Challenge?

Exciting News!

I invite you to The 5-Day Self-Discovery Challenge that's taking place NOW! Join me on the Family Life Enhancement Facebook Page for the next 5 days! You are just in time for the Challenge because the first Activity for Day 1 is reading this actual Blog!

Let the Journey Begin!

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