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The Dynamics of the Family During and After the Pandemic

The Question

Have you given any thought how your family has been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic? For the last several months,commentators, doctors, and researchers have commented on how our workplaces, churches, schools, communities, and the economy has been affected by this pandemic.

I encourage you to think about the "landscape" of your family. No doubt, there has been some changes in your routine, safety practices, and the amount of time you are spending together.

There are two interesting facts about change. (1) We are not always ready to accept change. (2) Perhaps change even catches us by surprise.

3 Tips For Your Family

As I work with families, I am constantly thinking of pertinent information to share. I definitely feel compelled to share these 3 Tips for your family during these challenging days:

1. Strengthen Your Family Connections

*do something special and unexpected for a family member

*make dinner a big deal! Serving meal favorites

*be intentional by supporting each other especially in stressful moments

*demonstrate kindness and grace

2. Deepen Family Relationships

*maintain contact with extended family members

*have periodic family meetings for "I'm okay, you're okay" check-ins

*take periodic breaks when you feel stressed

*keep lines of communication open

3. Make Family Time Special

*family movie nights

*family game night with prizes

*family volunteer activities

*family picnics

*bike rides or nature walks

*family book clubs

Building Resilience In Your Family

Resilience can be defined as, "the ability to bounce back". When your family is purposeful, Connections will be strengthened, Family Relationships will be deepened, and Resilience will be the result! Just imagine your family life after the pandemic is finally over.

Your family will know how to:

*remain hopeful

*push through adversity

*serve as a positive example to others

Now that's Next Level Living!

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