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Client Testimonials


"Family Life Enhancement provided professional coaching services to our family through practical mentorship. Mrs. Winston used a foolproof approach while communicating with us to provide parenting information that was easy to understand. Thank you Family Life Enhancement for your support!"

Anthony & Tina Pressley

"Dollnita, is incredibly passionate in the work that she does to preserve families! Her methods as a coach are highly effective. I would recommend her greatly if you're focused on techniques to improve your lifestyle and overall family support model!" 

Jarvis Gray

"Dollnita was great in helping me center myself on my womanhood. Headed towards 40, I felt as though I had not balanced womanhood with my career and motherhood well as of yet and that I was neglecting an essential part of my life. Dollnita was helpful in helping me increase my self-confidence, establish daily habits and routines, and guided me through masterful core work that helped me get back to my essence. It was an amazing experience and I am so much happier and more optimistic than I was before I began her coaching program."

Dr. Niama T. Malachi, CMS

"Dollnita will inspire and engage your audience as she speaks passionately about the challenges of raising children while pursuing career goals and living a well-balanced life. I appreciate the relatable stories that Dollnita shares about her own life, as it has helped me to approach my life experiences with a fresh new perspective."

Mary Campbell

“Dollnita presented a workshop for our staff entitled, ‘Self-Care and Stress Management’. She challenged us to strive for balance as we focus on taking care of ourselves while maintaining our busy lives. Dollnita’s presentation was certainly impressive as well as impactful to our staff.”

Douglas Dunlap

"I am the facilitation coordinator for the Atlantic Outreach Fresh Start Program in Richmond, VA. Mrs. Winston has presented to the participants in our program on more than one occasion and has been an inspiration and a tremendous resource each time. Mrs. Winston's vast knowledge and experience of navigating parenting/co-parenting, young children as well as teens and young adult is superb. She is captivating and organized. The information she shares is applicable for parents and guardians of all backgrounds."

Autumn Wiggins-Merrill

blue shirt sitting.jpg

Dollnita remembers how busy life was raising 3 children, working long hours, her husband pastoring a church, and all the other responsibilities that came along as well.


Of course, with the demands of life, Dollnita experienced more and more stress. She needed a game plan and she needed one quick.


Interestingly enough, the clients whom Dollnita worked with all seemed to be juggling work & family responsibilities.


Presently, Dollnita is a Certified Coach, Parent Speaker, Consultant, and Entrepreneur. She has served over 800 individuals through her coaching programs, online courses, and presentations throughout her career.


Dollnita's expertise is helping individuals manage work and family life.


Through interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking presentations, Dollnita captivates audiences, providing strategies that really work to improve their quality of family life.

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