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Women Connecting With Women

The Power of Connection

When women come together for connection, friendship, and fellowship it creates a unique and dynamic atmosphere. As women, we benefit from being intentional in creating meaningful connections with other women and effectively supporting one another.

It is said that we all influence at least 250 people in our lifetime. As a woman, you should undoubtedly recognize your unique skills, wisdom, and abilities.

Why not consider these Questions:

  1. What direction are you taking the 250 people you are influencing?

  2. Are you a woman who underestimates your influence?

  3. Do you realize your worth as a woman?

  4. Think of one person and how you have influenced her in the last year.

To be a Woman of Influence, you must first recognize your self-worth. There is no room for self doubt, hesitation, or uncertainty. You have too much inside of you. You have too much life experience. You have a voice that needs to be heard. Someone needs to hear your story, your passion, your pursuit!

Who is the person you have deposited into this year? What words of wisdom did you share? What life experience did you reveal? What mistake did you recall?

Are you understanding the power of women connecting with other women? The connection that I'm speaking about is a lifetime commitment. Think about it, we as women need genuine friendships on this Journey called life.

I have discovered women often need support and encouragement navigating the many roles they fulfill within marriage, parenting, careers, and other aspects of life. I encourage you to be confident in who you are. Realize the Awesomeness within and how powerful it is to connect with other women.


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